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Bio: CHTR cross linear guideway have the same internal structure as TRH/TRS series.Only TRC type can be used to construct a direct linear motion system, so the traditional sliding frame is not needed. The structure of X-Y motion is simplified and miniaturization is possible.
The design of TRC series guideway was two TRH guideway intersected on the back and intersected directly to form an integral whole. Because of the extremely high precision processing, the Perpendicularity Error of the TRC slider is within 2 microns per 100 mm. Vertical between two tracks is also processed with high accuracy, so very high orthogonal accuracy can be obtained.
Linear guides are mainly used in mechanical structures with high precision requirements, such as grinding machines, lathes, woodworking machines, handling machines, transport devices, industrial automation machines, semiconductor machinery, packaging machines, etc.
TRC308274100.570.56640612821.252614×9×12 80
Data unit is mmwholesale Cross Linear Guide
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